Catalyst screening‘s customer centered approach

Today, catalyst screening cannot be carried out by just anybody. It is preferable that the person doing the testing is a qualified and certified individual and has confirmed a regular participation in ongoing safety training workshops. This commitment and the catalyst screening system in existence is indicative of a wholly customer centered approach with safety considerations necessarily and foremost on the minds of all practitioners.

There is also always the desire to bring forth services to customers that are of the highest quality possible. High quality levels are made possible by maintaining a comprehensive structure of checks and balances that can always identify customers’ unique requirements, and ensuring adherence to that structure. And it does not end there. There is always a drive to improve on the performance delivered since the last time of calling on the client. As always, safety in this industry remains paramount.

Long before a technician reaches a client’s venue or industrial site, the job brief is thoroughly vetted under expert supervision and through engagements taking place onsite to do with ensuring that safety is maintained. Team work saves the day, making sure that the correct testing equipment accompanies the on call inspector. On site, the correct equipment aids the inspector in recognizing dangerous hazards ling before they need to occur.

It is essential that customers are made fully aware of what is happening during the tests. They are invited to take part in problem solving exercises and the drawing up of new risk management charts that are unique to their own business. This engagement, however, is not possible in being effective if it were not for the fact that technicians make a firm commitment towards participating in ongoing training to improve their knowledge and service deliveries.